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I had a customer sign up for my condo.  I am worried about payments.  I do not have a credit card machine but, I do have PayPal.  Can I request a guest to pay thru PayPal or to bring cash?

ALSO:  I just found the area to update my banking information.  If the about is a no, is this where the payments from guests go?  If so, do I do anything else (besides giving them a receipt)?  Does their payment go directly to my banking account?



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Aaltje B. 5 years ago

hi Lostucanesencantados,

I will forward this question to M Adamopoulou. Bedtime here.


Aaltje B.

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pibomarco 5 years ago

Booking.com is collecting money only if you activated Payments by Booking.com or Online Payments (BDC virtual card - you need a card machine).
If you didn't then you are responsible to collect payments from the guest directly. You can offer the guest to pay with PayPal, bank transfer, cash,.. But this is done directly between you and the guest.

If you enter your bank account details it doesn't mean you'll get paid. You need to activate Payments by Booking.com to collect payments to your bank account.

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pibomarco 5 years ago

Extranet -> Property -> Policies -> Other policies -> Edit

Here you can set your payment options.

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M Adamopoulou 5 years ago

-Aaltje-B- Sorry, I just saw your message but thanks to pibomarco support our friend has been fully enlightened and satisfied.