Urgent please ! don't have possibilities to look through guest's credit card, check in in 3days


In the hotel Yehuda ha-Levi Street 125 ***, we have reservation number 

***, check in is 26/10/19, the payment is 14 days before, but we have not possibilities to look through it and that's why can not charge the payment.

we already spoke to booking.com about this problem, but haven't received any answer about it

Waiting for your help

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fluff 4 years ago


First off this is a forum of fellow hosts, we cannot help you with a specific booking, you will need to contact BDC for that. In your message area of extranet there should also be telephone contact numbers.

Are you new to BDC? If so you may be inside your "qualifying" period to gain access to card details. Apparently we are adult enough to be advertised and charged commission but too childish to be trusted with card payments when we first register!

Hopefully the guest will actually arrive for check in and you can charge them then.