Valid Credit Cards

Why do so many booking.com guest reservations come through with invalid credit card numbers for deposits?  

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Mike Melhado



Are you absolutely sure the CC info is from the guest and you are not trying to use the BdC Issued VCC which is only for the prepaid rate?



Normally if you are handling payment directly and using BdC issued VCC on reservation details page , that will not be available for anything but the listed rate (and extras inclusive).



And even then as per the new VCC procedure since COVID19, only on day two of booking.



BdC will never take deposit on your behalf. This has to be handled directly between you and guest.



Important to understand this distinction. Typically a handy and stress free method is to either:


  1. Auto message for new bookings. Include a section near top, saying this booking is not valid and complete until deposit is paid with in 36 hours.
    Please use the following methods to do so. Failure to complete with in 36 hours will result in cancellation.
  2. Payment gateway providers such as sumup.com/payrexx.com/stripe.com offer virtual terminal services.
  3. Virtual Terminal Service can generate a link to a one time payment link. Typically these offer the guest multiple methods (stripe/apple pay, google pay, paypal etc).




Unless something has recently changed I think you are trying to use the VCC info to charge  for deposit when it is not for that purpose.


I will open a ticket to get a definitive answer. and Update here later.




Kind Regards