VAT to my invoice at Croatia

My next question is about paying VAT to your invoice accounts in Croatia. You can help me with the payment problem VAT surcharges on your invoice accounts. My tax administration in Croatia is asking me to pay 25% tax on each of your invoice accounts. I received information that your (our) can do it booking team with a charge of 1.1%. Answer if that is possible. I typed my number on my bookin page VAT identification number *** . If this payment can be made by the booking team let me know let's make a Deal. According to the instructions published on the website of the Croatian Tax Administration, the calculated VAT is paid into the state budget at: Recipient's IBAN: *** MODEL: *** Call to recipient number: *** . PLEASE ANSWER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My information on VAT payment through Booking This commission for payments through their system will be added to the previous Booking.com commission of 15%, so that renters who charge through the Booking.com platform will pay a commission of 16.1%. In addition, VAT will be added to this total commission, which will eventually amount to 20%. Of course, since billing through the Booking.com service is not mandatory, renters who do not use this service and charge guests themselves will not face an increased commission.

Olivier Angenot 1 year ago

For what I know, the VAT for renting an apartment in Croatia is 13% and not 25%.