VCC payments

Hi, I am desperate for some help from the partner community as nobody at B.com is answering me or indeed giving me a valid reason.

Has anybody had any issues with not being paid from B.com when a guest has used the virtual credit card function?

I have had guests who have paid B.com before they checked in with us in Feb 2022 and when I try to take the payment the VCC fails and there is no money on the credit card.

I don't know what else to do or escalate, I have tried every channel with B.com and I have not received an answer "apart from we are looking into this.

Any advice would be helpful.



BrookAve 1 year ago



  • So a VVC issued by BdC ,is the BdC online Payments method.
  • Guest pays BdC using one of multiple options.
  • BdC issues a VCC but hides the CCV until day 2 of the stay
  • VCC is still valid working for 6+ months after stay arrival date


So i suspect whats really happening is the amount you are charging the card is actually incorrect, as in more than what is actually on the card.


Recheck the reservation details page, scroll down to see the correct amount.


Normally I would say use the Extranet message system to trigger a case.






Mainly Maple Ltd. 1 year ago

Thanks, but the value of the reservations are £200 each and on each VCC card there is only £10 to take.

We don't offer anything that is £10 so there is an issue with B.COM and VCC, partners watch out - B.com are not paying out.


The African Pa… 1 year ago

We received the payment from VCC but now they are asking for refund... VCC system is a real problem