View cancellations query.

Hi, sorry to sound a little 'lost' here , but can anyone tell me how to view previous cancellations please ? I need to query a cancellation but I cannot seem to find it on the system . Thanks in advance , Glenn.

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Aaltje B. 5 years ago

You can login to the Extranet and then look under reservations.

Click the start of the year first, or from when you would like to investigate cancellations, and a few months ahead from now and then you should see a list.

Within the extranet there is even a tap that shows you the percentage of people that have cancelled, and depending on your settings, how they look compared to last year.

Mine is 12.5 % and that is too high!

So I am going to change my payment policy to payment at time of booking if possible.

Happy hosting


Aaltje B.