virtual credit card

How do I get the payment after the client paid it to the Virtual Credit Card, so how do they transfer the money to me without even having My IBAN code !

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Mohamed 


That is not a thing, nor how anything works.


There is no relationship between a VCC and a IBAN bank transfer.


This is misleading info and begs the question which pay out method have you setup or opted into??


It can only be one of 3:

  1. default , no action, guest arrives and pays you directly
  2. SIgned up for BdC Online Payments, BdC takes payment from Guest, issues a VCC to the reservation, hidden until 1 day after due arrival date, You then using a 3rd party service charge the VCC to collect.
  3. Signed up for Payments By Booking . BdC takes payment from Guest, holds until after checkout, deducts pay gateway % , commission %, bank transfers to your IBAN. IONly BdC need to know your IBAN info.


There is a 4th scenario but its entirely based on you taking direct prepayment for rate and or deposit, again with a 3rd party payment service. Then you just paid a commission invoice only.



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how to contact partner support via private assigned number in inbox



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