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Good afternoon.

I have received a booking for today, but I do not have my credit machine as I have cancelled it with Covid.

Could Booking.com please receive the money, deduct their commission and transfer the rest in my account.

Thank you

Kind regards



BrookAve 3 years ago




Hi Zenobia


It just doesnt work like this.

You cant just post that and think its going to be done for you and today. Literally will never happen.


That program is called Payments by Booking, and not available to everyone, nor straight away. You can certainly apply, but you have to qualify for it. and even then they might reply with ' you have not yet have a few stays before we enable it '.


I know its ridiculous and it should just be another addon service as and when its needed, especially since it is automated.


So for now you will need to collect the payment directly (cash or other) from guest until you can get something for VCC (BdC Online Payments methods - free to use and apply for) or get Payments By Booking enabled.





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