Virtual Credit Card Being Declined.

I'm unable to charge this VCC for the amount of $102.67. COuld you assist into why this VCC is being declined. Thank You


Booking Number: ***

*** ***

Virtual credit card

Ready to charge

Virtual card balance:


This virtual card is active and ready to charge.

Available balance:US$102.67

Card type:MasterCard (virtual credit card)

Card number:*** 

Card holder's name:Booking.com (Agent)

Expiration Date:*** 



BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Bill,


The usual reason is the amount being charged is higher than what is loaded on to it.


Are you absolutely sure that amount is correct i.e. minus all deductions.


I am wondering if the commission needs to be deducted from the booking first then charge that amount.


All those numbers above will be stripped out as the guidelines on here don't like it when we get too detailed and helpful.


Not a good idea to post the VCC info in its entirety either.



Note: This is partner community and not a direct line to BdC Support nor Finance Teams.


You should report this to the finance team via their message option under Extranet > Finance > Overview.



Kind Regards.