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I am wondering if anyone has experiences for collecting virtual credit cards using the company called Smilewallet? I have an operation in Cuba, so I need to go through a company which collects my virtual credit cards and wires me the money on request.

I have set up an account at Smilewallet in Argentina, did not send any virtual credit cards yet, because they do not answer my Skype messages, do not answer the phone, they are using an answering machine. I am wondering if the company is trustworthy or is there any other company which would be recommended...

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Consulado106 4 years ago

Estoy en Cuba tambien y trabajé por bastante tiempo con smilewallet sin problemas pero hace como una semana veo que ha cambiado algo y no logro recoger mi dinero.

Casaharmoniacuba 4 years ago

Ah, espero que no tienes mucho dinero en la cuenta de Smilewallet. Voy a llamar hoy con Booking y luego voy a informarte.

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Carlos 4 years ago

Estimados hace 4 años comenzamos con https://www.sinbad.travel apoyando a los anfitriones para cobrar tarjetas virtuales de Booking . Lamentamos la situación que tuvieron pasar con Smile Wallet. Espero se resuelva. Cuando gusten estamos a su disposición y si necesita consejos de cómo subir su alojamiento en Booking les dejo el enlace. Abrazo y fuerza

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Thuild - Your … 4 years ago

Hey guys,

Just to clarify the Smile Wallet thing. They had no authorization to charge these type of cards and thus they have been shut down by the bank with whom they work.

Same thing will happen with Carlos here, who is advertising something that pretty much seems like a scam.

Thuild offers Virtual Card processing for partners, there are quite a few people here on the forum who already work with us.

We do a proper verification process of the owners, the properties and after they pass, they sign an agreement with us, which ensures that all parties are clear on every aspect of the partnership.

If you want to get your Virtual Cards processed, let me know via a message through my website and I'll get back to you with full details.

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Zsolt - www.thuild.com