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Virtual Credit Cards

Is anyone else having problems with this sham of a system. Since reopening I have had 2 guests check in who paid in full on booking. The extranet gives conflicting information about when these can be charge but it is never later than the day the guest checks out. On both occassion I have had to wait at least 24 hours AFTER the guests has checked out before I can access the cards.

This is daylight robbery and usery and will not give me any feedback or expalanation.

BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Robert,


Yes that does sound incorrect , as it is meant to be day 2 of the stay the full VCC details revealed for the BdC Issued VCC.


But that now makes me wonder is it a prepayment converted into a BdC Issued VCC, or is this something else like the Guest is providing or using a particular pay method suchas their own VCC issued by their bank app, e.g. Revolut.



I have seen previous posts related to this and they implied that these were not BdC issued VCC at all but in fact the Guests using their own VCC.

tagging Communities Team  to add this to the next team meeting to investigate and demystify, the real truth of what and how this is happening , when it should not be.


Kind Regards


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Robert Marchant 2 years ago

I cannot believe a guest can produce a 'VCC'. take their money on the day of booking - a guest confirmed this to me. So they already hold my money for days if not weeks.

They then expect me to let a guests effectively leave without paying. I have my third guests checking out tomorrow and I have had the forethought to take a note of the VCC details. It clearly states I can charge from tomorrow ( as the others did). If it is blocked in the morning I feel like calling the fraud squad!!