Virtual CreditCard from Booking


I can now charge my 1st VCC from Booking, unfortunately it's not working. I try to do it online on Stripe, but I get always the information that the Card is not accepted. Stripe is confirming me, that on their side everything is ok, also MCC7011! Booking is also tellling me the same, but as I can charge VCC (for example from Expedia), I'm sure that the mistake is on Booking side!

Unfortunately, Booking is very complex and it's not posible the clear the situation with them?!

Who can help? Has another idea?

Many thanks,

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Aaltje B. 4 years ago

There have been many problems with stripe in the past. Anyone from the forum that has more detailed insight, please.

Thank you guys!


Aaltje B.

Casa Coco 4 years ago

I'm also having problems with Stripe. Anyone has an update on this? Thanks!