NORWEGIAN: Det er for meg umulig å få kontakt med booking.com Vi er en liten naturbasert reiselivsbedrift som har to lodger som bookes på www.booking.com No har dere startet med virituelle betalinger!! Basecamp Senja har KUN Izettle som betalingslink. Det fungerer godt! Izettle har ingen funksjon for å hente penger fra virituellt kort. KAN BOOKING.COM STOPPE å ta beltalt. Vi ordner det sjøl. Få også på plass ordningen med at gjesten MÅ legge igjen telefonnummer! Trude BASECAMP SENJA (BEDEHUSET og TINEBUA). Kan noen svare?? ***

ENGLISH; It is impossible for me to find how to get in touch with booking.com We are a small nature-based tourism company that has two lodges that are booked at www.booking.com Now you have started with virtual payments !! Basecamp Senja ONLY has Izettle as a payment link. It works well! Izettle has no function to withdraw money from virtual cards. CAN BOOKING.COM STOP taking payed from guests to virtual cards. We arrange it ourselves. Also: put in place options for guest to MUST leave a phone number in the booking, We send paymentlinks through the guests phones! Trude BASECAMP SENJA (BEDEHUSET and TINEBUA). Can anyone answer ?? *** Phone: ***

Trude Mørkved 2 years ago

Question 2: How can we get the money for accommodation BEDEHUSET Basecamp Senja and Tinebua? from those guests you/booking.com has asked the guest to pay virtual? We do not have the tools to collect the money!! Trude Mørkved *** phone ***


BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Trude,


  1. Payment methods - phone partner support to discuss.
    1. VCC there are plenty of 3rd Party Payment gateway Providers you can contact to see which will do VCC.
    2. With the new SCA requirements you will definitly need to have a service provider who supports it all.
    3. If you mean to ask for BdC to turn off VCC from BDC, then opt out of Online Payments.
  2. Policies - you can set the mandatory requirements under Property > Policies > Guest info
    1. Note a suggestion is even though you enable mandatory share address and phone number, each time you get a booking, verify the phone number is legit. That way if someone is messing you can quickly cancel the reservation.
  3. Past stays money on VCC. Assuming its still sitting on the VCC, BdC can easily arrange to have the funds sent to bank account.



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