We pay commission on VAT?

Value added tax partners are unfairly treated. /we not only pay commission on our booking but also on the vat we are required to pay. If you are on a preferred partner commission structure you effectively pay 20,6% commission.

Is there a way to set our pricing so that VAT is shown separately. As vendors we have to pay every penny of the tax to the government but due to the way Booking.com have structured the pricing we are actually paying a further 18% of the government tax to them?

Loch Ness Lassie 1 year ago

I agree with you here, this is just wrong.

We have to pay that VAT to HMRC, it's not our money so it is unfair of booking.com to take a commission fee on the tax that we have to pay. They know that we are VAT registered so they know that they are charging commission for the VAT portion of the bill as well as the cost of the room.

I have written to them to complain, still waiting for a reply.