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Weird way to handle.....what to do?

My place is a very small accommodation business.

My first rule is that the booker has to contact me, after having made a booking.

This guests has not done, in the begin of August, I asked for a replacement do to an overbooking.

In October sent me a bill, that I should pay more then 60,- Euro for this replacement, which is a lot more, then my prices. (without any earlier notice to me)

They have not called me back, neither wrote, that the replacement would have any extra charge, as usually they used to do it before, neither discussed with me regarding this charge.

I asked for a bill, contacted the guests(??), got no answer, asked for a supervisor contact, again no answer. Instead they blocked me in the system, telling, I have not payed.

The replacement place has no phone number, no price list, could check for their prices regarding the  difference.


Am sure, somebody had already this story with them, could you give me an advice?

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jaybeegee 5 years ago

Unlikely other booking engines which allow a property owner to confirm a guest booking - this facility is not available on so once a booking comes in you must accept it or pay the price for the relocation.