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What is BDC and how can I get Paid at the time of the booking? What comissions % are "normal".

I heard about BDC and some good reviews.What is it and how can I set it up? Will it improve my payment time lag?

Payment: Currently when a guest books and stays, I'm issued with an invoice for the commission almost immediately but don't get paid until the following month.

What commissions % are "normal". How does Booking work thes out as they vary from month to month. EG:  I calculate the booking commissions and sometimes they vary from 18% to 21%. Such a rip off compared to other sites like Airbnb (3%).


Other times I look at what my Base rate is and see that the rate is less when a guest books. 


Any insights appreciated.



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fluff 4 years ago

BDC is one of the main players as an OTA. There are links all over the net to sign up.

For payment you have three choices;

1) BDC collect (if available in your country) = the guest pays BDC directly. BDC pay you for all check outs in one calendar month on the 15th of the following month, commission already removed.

2) If you are able (speak to your bank) to take off-line credit/debit cards (customer not present) you may charge the guest at time of booking.

3) Pay at hotel, this is when the guest literally pays you over the counter at your establishment on arrival. This is the most risky as you have no guarantee the guest will a) not cancel at any time or b) simply not show up. In both cases you will not get paid.

All of the above must be supported by payment & cancellation policies that you choose in extranet (the hotels control program from BDC).

Commissions: These also vary by country e.g.

For us we have a basic commission of 15%

If you choose to join the "Genius" programme you give the guest a minimum of an extra 10% discount on whatever rate or promotional price you have listed.

After some time you may qualify for the "Preferred Partner" programme where you get a preferential listing rank, in this case the basic commission rises to 18%.

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Isle of Wight … 4 years ago

BDC is - you might mean Payments by, which is where take the payments for you rather than you processing cards yourself.


Any time you take payments / process cards yourself, you expose yourself to risks of fake bookings, no shows, card failures and late cancellations, all giving you empty rooms that you cannot fill.


If available, use Payments by and set all payments to Non-Refundable. Guests must pay at the time they make the booking. No more late cancellations. If a guest doesn't show, you still get paid. It's the only way. Take a look at other discussions about no-shows, late cancellations, cards not working, and the bigger discussion on Payments by


Yes, the commission is much higher than with AirBnB, but you just increase your prices on BDC to get the same money as you would get through AirBnB. Guests who book through BDC just pay a higher price than if they went to AirBnB. That's their choice.


And yes, you have to wait longer for payment, but that's just how it is.


BDC offers lots of discount options - it's all about offering discounts to guests. Just keep an eye on what's happening and adjust pricing as neccessary so that you don't give away too many stacked discounts. Take your time to learn the systems.

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Beachlifehavens 4 years ago

Thanks Ile if White

All points you mentioned is exactly what I do. Good to know I’m on the right ‘set up’... including setting higher prices and changing prices regularly etc etc. I’ve stopped using the opportunity type ‘specials’ etc as they confuse the hell out of the bottom line...


thsnks fir the teply


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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

In addition to all above I would like to add that you also have the option to receive payments 4 times in a month...after checkout.

For me payments by BDC works excellent!!!

Wish you a wonderful day...

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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Dear B..., if you are eligible for Payments by they send you an email asking you if you are interested in getting paid 4 times in a month... That might mean extra banking fees for each transaction so you have to think about it...

Wish you a great weekend...