At what point do you ask for payment when you receive your guest (have only cash policy)


So I'm a little bit stressed because I'm receiving my first guest on Thursday and I never did this before.

I'm wondering at what point do you ask for the money (i have an only cash policy) when you receive the guest, and usually do you have to ask or they understand it's the moment to pay ?

I guess the step are :

1- They arrive and you "greet them"

2- You ask for their passport to check identity

3- When you check the identity, you then ask for the money and then give keys?? (that's where i'm not sure :/ )


Thank you very much

David 3 years ago

Because you are not accepting any type of cards you must take payment from the guest on arrival.failure to do so leaves you open to guest leaving your property without making payment to you.

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fluff 3 years ago

Yes, either full payment before going to the room or retain their passport(s), assuming international travel, until full payment is made e.g. arrived cashless in local currency, possibly late at night and travel weary. Will pay next day.

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Bandara Hotels… 3 years ago

Yes for sure during arrival process. Also don't forget to ask for damage/security deposit in case of any additional charge if any.

Gondeville Gîtes 3 years ago


guests should aware of your payment policy on making their booking, but its amazing how many guests don’t fully read all the T&C’s.

Last year, We had lovely Dutch guests who wanted to pay cash.

They were 1 nighters, so we thought we’d charge them after breakfast.

They tried to leave at 04:00 creeping down the stairs, car ready to go!

lesson learnt. unfortunately & sadly, take payment before giving the keys. Otherwise, they get their bags, settle in, maybe go for something to eat & return to the room to sleep before you catch them for payment.

asking late at night can be awkward.

good luck



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Bandara Hotels… 3 years ago

Yes I agree, charge upon arrival or take some deposit is much safer.