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Where can we generate tax reports?

I have two taxes we have to collect for each reservation, I can see the tax amounts on each reservation but where can I go on the software at the end of the month to generate a tax report for each or do I have to manually go to each reservation and add it all up (which seems absurd to have to do).  I cant see where to go to find how to generate the reports.  Thanks

BrookAve 2 years ago



that is an accounting feature , and is not a feature in the Extranet nor should it be.


You have to make your own records, from the data in Extranet and do it yourself, or have your accountant do it form the statements.



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Amanda Anderson 2 years ago

Hi, thanks for your reply, I do find that surprising, we use  other software for another business we have and as the software includes noting any taxes collected it can create a simple list of the bookings we received and itemize/total up the taxes in a simple report.  I do find that a huge outage now.  It is a simple thing for to offer after all they are dealing with legitimate businesses who need to generate these reports either monthly or quarterly etc.  It means going into every single reservation to take the tax details and duplicate somewhere else which is not only time consuming but rather silly when it can be such a simple feature for to offer their partners.  Thanks anyway for confirming what I feared  :(  I best get busy working on it, Im now dreading high season :( (winter months for us in the UAE).