Why does it take so long for Booking.com to transfer cash which is legitimately owed to us?

Whilst I am glad that booking.com handles collection of booking finances, I agree that the system needs oiling.  I also have bookings via AirBnB and they forward the money (less a substantially smaller percentage commission) to my bank on the MORNING AFTER guest arrival.  Why do booking.com have to apparently wait until the Thursday AFTER the guest LEAVES before they send payment?  I had a guest leave on 18th April after arriving on 12 April and being here for six days and it was not until 22 April - the following Thursday - that my cash was sent to the bank, where it can take "up to 10 days to reach your account". That is TEN days after arrival and it still isn't there today, six days after the guest checked out. This might be fine for the big boys, but for a very small business juggling finances it dislocates anticipated cash flow.  Several points here then:

a) Why wait until the guest leaves before making payment (which has probably been in booking.com's account for weeks or months).  AirBnB don't feel the need to do that.

b) OK - sit on my payment until the guest leaves but why not use the Faster Payments system to get the cash to my account?  If I transfer money to my window cleaner or a local business the money is in their bank account within TWO hours.

We pay a high rate of commission to Booking.com - around 20% or roughly £50 in the case above, plus another charge for handling the payment.  I would rather they didn't get fat on the interest on what they owe me that a guest has paid as well.

Bridget 1 year ago

I’m frustrated with this also and not given answers!! I’m considering deleting my listing. Airbnb are so much more proficient in this area in your account the next day!!! 

Gabriel Garcia… 1 year ago

I have two different listings and I work with both, booking.com and Abnb.  My experience with Booking.com is horrible.  They can take up to a 50 days before I see my money. I literally have to finance the service to Booking.com before they even turn around and give my the money the owe me.  The charge in advance - Why should I have to wait over a month and a half to get my hands on the money?  And to top it off! - sometimes they do make payments within the following two weeks, but they make deposits of bundles of bookings, so it´s difficult to figure out what you are getting paid for - and they also NOT PAY IN FULL, they pay IN FRACTIONS!!!! - SO, then you have to start calculating how much they´ve paid and how much they still owe....  I´m SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING CLOSING MY LISTINGS WITH BOOKING.COM.  It´s just too painful.