Why is it so difficult to get a refund your due? And why can’t partners speak to Finance? Customer service staff say they want to help but can’t.

I have contacted customer support at least 7 times and sent emails to booking.com regarding a payment issue.  Despite being advised a member of booking.com will get back to me, they don’t.  I then started phoning Customer service staff who have tried their best to assist and have told me they agree I should get a refund, however, the refund does not get processed.  Customer service staff said I am unable to discuss the issue direct with their finance Dept, nor can I speak to a supervisor.  They all say “we are sorry about this, and all we can do is send another email to finance in the hope they will pay you out what you are due.”  They say sorry, but can’t do any more than they are doing.


is any other partner experiencing similar difficulties or is it just me?

BrookAve 2 years ago




In general there are multiple Finance Depts by region. these are no as vast as the by region rolling support (follow the sun) you get from BdC Partner Support.


Sending a message opens a case.

Will I get a response immediately no, as they are inundated with  enquiries, so a more manageable expectation is required from Partners.


I do agree its terrible, but again if you have 1000+ cases and only 50 staff , you just have to wait your turn.


It is what it is and wont be changing any time soon.


This gets posted at least once a week by partners.


It will get done so long as it has been logged you just need to adopt the patience of a saint and it will be grand eventually.