Withdraw the GST Invoice statement - Hotel Lok Sagar

Dear Team,

Due to lockdown hotel is since 18th March not opened yet. Claiming commission or tax or service charge or etc is an offence has there is no movement of the paper and closer of hotel. Please withdraw the GST Invoice statement immediately.

Invoice Number : ***

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MP Sachin Nayaka

Hotel Lok Sagar

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Sunanda C Gowda


Welcome to the Partner Community , where you address fellow partners and volunteers.

You are not addressing BdC Finance or Support Teams.

They will never see this.


Also refer to it as an offense is rather overly crude and delusional.


Reminder  :Community guidelines : Dont post such numbers as invoices , the auto mod script will auto remove them shortly.


To contact the BdC Support & Finance Team simply use the guide below.


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3 years ago

Hello Sunanda C Gowda! Welcome to the Partner Community, and thanks for posting. I guess other partners won't be able to help you with this question. Please contact support.