Wrong amount of commission invoice

  Dear Booking.com

We would like to inform you , the amount of commission invoice that we receive in end of Aug 18 is wrong.As per booking number ******** ********* 4/8-5/8/2018 that you didn't charge us . Actually,we found the customer have checked in late night and stayed our hotel in that day. 

Can you please revise your invoice or would you like to add this amount into next month invoice ,please advice


Best Regards,

Tamonwarn Tardlek

038251031 ext.110  accounting


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Leandri Klopper 4 years ago

Hi Tamonwarn Tardlek,

Uh oh, you are posting this in the wrong place. You need to contact Booking.com directly if you have actual queries, the forum is just for partners such as yourself to share ideas etc.

You can send them a message via the extranet Inbox->Booking.com messages, or (and I do suggest you do this) Give them a call!

Booking.com is super strict on anything financial so you will need to contact them asap.

Best of luck!

Thiangthan 4 years ago

Hi Leandri Klopper .,

Thank you for your kindly