wrong price for number of Guests

Although some of my rooms  have double Beds and 1 or 2 single beds  in  for Apt B and Chalet YOU ARE NOT INCLUDING THE EXTRA PERSON CHARGE\ of $25 in in total price SO guests think they can bring 5 or 6 people for SAME price PLEASE adjust 

 I am unable  to take off the 3 Person  icon on rooms ...

The prices are based on DOUBLE  occupancy  but some rooms CAN  house 3 or 4 guests WITH the extra person charge then $25 extra bed OR PERSON...if more than 2 PAX  Double bed. you PLEASE charge for extra person

you also show me as having TWO double beds in a room NO NONE of my units have TWO double beds,

Chalet has a double bed in 1 room and a single  in 2nd bedroom

White room double bed and extra  single bed  if used pay extra $25 PaID

APARTMENT B has 2 bedrooms double bed in one room 2 singles in other bedroom WITH $25 each pax  charge each pax more  2 people 

 WHITE  room is charge priced for  2 pax and  $25 extra bed use for the single bed

   Apt B ( a 2 bedroom Apartment  ) priced for 2 pax..but available for 4 with extra charg has a double bed one bedroom and TWO single beds  in other bedroom . (ie Base price for 2 people / with extra $25 per person.

 Chalet priced for 2/3 pax    (Double bed in one bedroom single bed in 2nd bedroom.for use of  $25  for  2/3pax  WITH the $25 charge  over 2 people..

You may call me at my NEW PHONE which I hope you finally changed 

(506) 60309702

Thank you



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Aaltje B. 5 years ago

You can ask the help - desk by loging into Extranet and then to the Login tab.

You can put your question in , or contact the office of BDC .

google how you can find the Booking.com contact details for your contry.

Hope this helps

Let us know if that worked for you or not.


Aaltje B.