You charging us for a client who could not stay per his booking. ***

When this booking was made, how they managed it I do not know as we had blocked one of the rooms so they could not book it, I messaged the guest immediately that there had been an issue with the BDC reservation system, explained that he should not have been able to book 2 rooms and he kindly cancelled his reservation.
We then a few days later had a message from BDC saying that we would be charged for any extra costs involved in finding the booker accommodation elsewhere. I immediately responded saying like hell you will and explained what had happened. But surprise surprise you sent us a bill a few days back. I messaged BDC complaining and they eventually geôliers today 23rd saying they could not help me and I had to contact the finance dept.k directly.
We had by then received you invoice from you for approx e78 and demanding payment.
This is absolutely ridiculous...this situation had happened before with BDC...where we have blocked off room/s and then one of your bookers has come along and booked it as well..we then enter into a protraction 'discussion' with BDC about responsibility and you have accepted that there appears to be a complication (!) with your reservation system...and we have not therefore be penalised with any extra fees.
We are are a 2 bedroom B&B in rural france, the fees BDC charge, approx 18%, are already killing as it is. You sent us an the invoice today but we received it 9 times, was that to just add insult to injury....
WE were NOT at fault so please instruct your accounts department to cancel this invoice or issue a credit note whichever is easier. Times re currently hard enough with you adding to life's stress.
We hope that we don't have this blasted aggravation with BDC again, it's getting painful.
Richard Hyde
Labarthe B&B, SW France.
Reservation ID: ***

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Labarthe


First and foremost  this is not what you think it is.

This is like it says up top , the Partner Hub Community only, nothing to do with BdC support team.


You are  addressing only partners, so nothing will come of this vent, unless you follow up directly with BdC Support or Finance contact methods.


Finance Overview  in extranet has the relevant contact info for direct contact during normal business hours 5 days a week.


Sorry I cant advise or help further , I completely understand and have been through similar .

If you are listed on 2 or more OTA , do not rely on the calendar to sync instantly, by design it never will.


Only permanent solution is to use a free or paid subscription for a Channel Manager.

e.g. cloudbeds, nobeds ,etc


My procedure for cancelling overbookings:


You really should manage this directly with guest to avoid relocation invoice by BdC. so simply:


  1. Message Guest of the intention, don't waffle or give long winded reasons just keep it short and simple and quote local government health restrictions restrict, travelers from their location. Note  they will receive a notification shortly to action and confirm in order for their prepaid rate to be fully refunded, failure to do so will result in no refund.  
  2. Now in Reservation details page, click Request Cancel, right pane bottom.  
  3. Choose option 2.  
  4. System sends Guest notification and requires them to action a link to confirm in order for it to complete and also trigger any prepaid  full refund.


You could use option one, as a no deposit paid, etc reason.


Side Note: should the guest not action nor reply the booking is still valid.

Should they contact BdC you may end up being invoiced for relocation.


Reminder : property link is missing from your profile, see HowTo below.

Kind Regards,