1 night reservations

Hi there,


I've been looking all around and even talked to booking.com, but they were not clear at me with this.


So, my doubt is about the 1 night reservations: I want to increase the price on those nights, because I have a low price per night to try to increase the longer stays, but i get a considerable number of 1 night stays. Can any of you tell me a way of increase the prices? Booking.com told me to do it day by day on the calendar, but I believe there is an easier way? On Airbnb I just added a "cleaning fee" on those kind of stays and got to the price I wanted to for 1 night stay, but on booking.com I can not find it.


Any help?!?!



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Sharonpowney 3 years ago

The easiest way is to have a slightly higher rate per night but then set a promotion, which has a discount 2 nights or more.  I have 10% for 2 nights and 15% for 3 nights or more.