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3 ways to avoid disputing an invoice

Hi everyone!

My name is Janita and I am an Account Advisor for, here today to talk about avoiding the need to dispute an invoice. 

Do you find yourself checking your reservation statements when the monthly invoice comes in and regularly needing to dispute commission charges that are incorrect? We have put together three simple ways to avoid needing to dispute and ensure an accurate invoice first time. 

  1. Date changes from guests before check-in 
  • If a guest contacts you to change their booking, you can tell them to do it through either their confirmation email or profile. 
  • In some circumstances, you can also make changes on their behalf - follow this link for more information
  1. Date changes after check-in 
  • You can modify all bookings (including prices and length of stay) on or after the check-in date through the Extranet’s Reservations tab by following these steps:

a) Click the reservation number or guest name.

b) Select an option from the menu on the right side of the screen, under Update this reservation.

  1. Mark guest as no show
  • It’s easy to mark a reservation as a no-show on the Extranet. Just look at the steps below:

a) Click the Extranet’s Reservations and select a specific reservation number 

b) Click Mark as no-show on the right-hand side of the page

c) The reservation will be marked as canceled, and both you and the guest will receive a confirmation email.

Remember to make any necessary changes to the reservation within 48 hours of guest check-out via the Reservations tab.


BrookAve 2 years ago


#3 marking No Show.


Needs to be further clarified the difference between a No Show who PrePays BdC and one that has not Prepaid at all.


If No Show has prepaid BdC and VCC is enabled or CC provided, then the info and CCV are revealed on day 2 after stay check-in or sooner ???


If No Show has not prepaid, was due to pay on arrival ,and the rate is non refundable or has a penalty aka Cancel fee, clarify how the Partner can get the funds due to them?


Those are the nitty gritty details partners will ask and ask again on here due to BdC not being due diligent on their guides and topics.


Kind Regards




Margarita Saparova 2 years ago

 I have 2 problems with account recievable.

1) charged me 19% commision instead of the 18% as my site was setup for.  I sent numerous messages through extranet but I do not get any response from finance. 

2) I Paid my invoices on time but the finance team did not pick it up. They made my site non-bookable because of this. I sent them already a few extranet messages with the proof of payment but they do not respond.

Pashasha 2 years ago

I have disputed an invoice due to the guest doing a no-show. Initially I did it as a partial payment for the 50% deposit paid by credit card and this was approved. Then I was notified by the bank that the guest booked with a stolen credit card and I had to refund the bank the deposit, so I did not pay the invoice as I never actually received the deposit as I had to pay it back to the bank. I have contacted finance via extranet and telephonically and they never reply to my messages on the extranet nor do they ever sort the problem out when I get through to customer services on the phone and now my property is suspended. What do I do now?

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Janita - Accou… 2 years ago

Hi Pashasha, 

Apologies for the delayed response from the team. Please ensure that your message is sent with Finance as the topic to go directly to that team. 

Thank you!

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Anna Coolen 2 years ago

They never answer our question and do not solve our problems instead they send standard mails like robots mailing

Glaunkel 2 years ago

Hi, I received invoice from booking to pay some comision for the guest that doesn't come in my property, I didn't take any money from that in order to pay comision. If booking take money from guest that doesn't not come in my property booking should give me money and I will pay comision

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Janita - Accou… 2 years ago

Hi Glaukel, 

You can mark these ones as disputes for the chargeable no show or chargeable cancellation and advise why there not charged as per your policy then Finance can access and possibly remove from your invoice. 

Glaunkel 2 years ago

Hi, I make it as disputes but booking sent me invoice to pay some money that I didn't receive from the guest. In this reason I will not pay the amount of money. I will close property and not work more with booking 

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Janita - Accou… 2 years ago

Hi Aleksander, 

Please send your request to your support team. 

Send us a message

If you have a specific question that you need our help with, you can send us a message. To do so, click Inbox on the Extranet or tap More on the Pulse app. We’ll do our best to get back to you within 24 hours, but sometimes it might take us a little longer. You can help us answer your question faster by choosing the right topic and subtopic for your message.

Call us

If you have an urgent question about your property or your partnership with us, you can also call us. To find a dedicated phone number to call, log in to the Extranet, click Inbox, then messages. We don’t publish these phone numbers here because we only offer this service to current partners.

John Mundi 2 years ago

We still  do this but your finance department  is so poor to validate  on time so you get an invoice  with  the disputed  guests booking still charged .

Please  do better  .

I have read all other hosts predicaments  on your financial  department  poor service  to hosts. 

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Hans Damen 2 years ago

Thanks. Before you can send any invoice, it's important to get verified. And that seems  impossible. 

How on earth do you get your property verified. We have  now been trying for months to do this. It seems impossible to do this. 

We get lots of sympathy from BdC staff via messaging and telephone. Loads of promises that it will be arranged in 2/4/7/14 days. Please bear with us. etc. etc.. But no solutions. 

What is the magic trick to get verified?



If you really want to help us partners then please tell us a way to communicate with your financial department.

That's where the problem is.

Please don't repeat like a robot that we must use inbox and the extranet because we all know by now that this is useless.Nobody ever answers those.

Telephone call is also useless all we hear is that unfortunately to hey cannot help because it's a matter tor the financial department.

So if you really want to be useful give us an answer to this question:

Is there really something we can do or we are wasting our time?

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Hi Janita,

I actually don’t have a problem with my invoices…my invoices are correct…but with my September Pay out Summary…


BDC facilitates my payments so although BDC has kept her commission…my payment transfer hasn’t arrived yet!!!

Finance Dept hasn’t replied to me until now…do you think I should dispute???

I have to submit my declaration of revenue to my tax authorities and I am overdue…meaning I will have to pay fine charges!!!

Your help in this matter is highly appreciated…

Wish you a nice weekend.