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5 steps to be ready in case of changes or cancellations

Dear partners,

As we discussed before, business in the pandemic can be really unpredictable. So preparing yourself for any possible scenario is important. Cancellations and changes can make new partners panic. Don’t panic! All you need to do is be prepared. Here are some tips for you:

  1. Learn how to properly cancel a reservation. If a guest asks me to cancel a reservation, what action should I take in the extranet?
  2. Learn how to make changes in the reservation. Here is how you can do it.
  3. Learn how can you immediately reopen rooms to resell them. Here is a useful guide.
  4. Don’t forget to mark no-shows and cancellations in the extranet. You don’t have to pay a commission if your guests didn’t arrive or canceled reservations. Please read this article carefully.
  5. Improve your pre-stay communication with these 4 simple steps.

Bonus tips:

  • If you can’t get in touch with a guest, you can contact the Customer Service Team via your extranet inbox and we’ll help to answer any questions you may have.
  • Read more about Guest incentives to rebook the same property after COVID-19 cancellations.
  • Did you know that Google Translate is integrated into the extranet and the Pulse app? To translate your guest’s message into your language, click on the ellipsis button (an icon with three dots) next to the message and select ‘Show translation’. It will then be translated into the language you’ve set as your preferred language in the extranet or Pulse.
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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Thanks Sergei!

So much info in just one post!!!

I certainly will save your post immediately...


Hope people start travelling the soonest...we need the connectivity now more than ever!!!

The good news is that many of my global friends and me including are having the vaccine.... hoping that this will get us rolling again...

Wish you a marvelous day!!!

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Isle of Wight … 2 years ago

Sergei, you missed something very important off your list - how to deal with the double bookings caused by the broken Booking.com calendar sync.

Any idea when Booking.com will acknowledge this ongoing problem and actually fix it?

BrookAve 2 years ago


6. Calendar Sync

  • The feature only appears when each Room Type defined has a count of 1 for inventory. So if you operate multiple rooms , under one or more Room Types in one listing, this will never work.  
  • The Calendar does not initiate a iCAL sync request on new bookings. Nor pull from other OTA.  
  • There is no instant trigger On Event.  
  • In order to prevent Double Booking / Over Booking, simply utilise a 3rd party service known as a Channel Manager.  
  • Google for your region to see what providers are available and work with the OTAs you use.  
  • Examples include:
    • syncbnb
    • beds24
    • nobeds
    • cloudbeds
    • envivvo  
  • A channel manager becomes the golden calendar source for all OTA channels you add to it, BdC, AirBnb, TripAdviors, etc  
  • It will auto sync bidirectionally to all connected channels you add.  
  • Note that some Channel Manager features differ, BdC have a list of many and their features but it may not be up to date. So it is best to visit each one to review options.
    • Example
      • Some may connect and manage rooms, rates and availability but not photos.


Kind Regards


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michael beeston 2 years ago

Cant do much..!!........cancelations are part of our Hospitality business, especially when a lot of us have Free Cancelations or in my case 14 days cancelation policy. I see no problems with these cancelations as its part of the policy I adhere to. It works extremely well and most of the time, I get another booking for the cancelled one (good news)

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Thanks Michael!

We need the good news!!!

Positive thinking always helps?

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Mattias Walvin… 1 year ago

Good instructions! It really makes a difference to use many of the tools.