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about putting my accomodation to live

we just started a accomodation in Moraira 

see it is registered at, registrationnr 8663257

adress Calle Cullera 64 in Moraira

it is been registered now for two weeks but i have not received a mail where it is confirmed that the accomodation is live.

Can you let me know what i have to do before we go live


M.C. Sallet


BrookAve 1 year ago


verify letter by post is enroute, and can be up to 5 weeks.


 no one here but us leprechauns , contact partner support.


  • Remember this Partner Hub is not a direct line to any support team.
  • So never post action requests here, nothing will come of it.
  • Always message or phone Partner Support directly instead. Method #4 Public Phone List 


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