accommodation booked by peripateticians/blackmail and poor booking follow-up

A client had booked from February 9 to 12, 2022. I have a camera system filming the front door of the apartment (I have all the supporting evidence).

On February 10, I noticed with this camera that the clients were in fact peripateticians. So I contacted Booking to find out what was the procedure to follow. I was told that I had to report inappropriate customer behavior and illegal activity on the extranet stating what had happened. I was also told that I had to contact the client to ask him to leave. So I followed this procedure.

A few days later I received a comment and a score from the client 2/10 and a "Mediocre" comment... For your information, our apartment has an average of 9.3. I contact booking in order to request the withdrawal of the note and the comment by explaining to him the situation and that it was about revenge, revenge and a will to harm on the part of these customers. The 1st person from Booking tells me that it will be done in a week. In the end, the next day I receive a message telling me that it is impossible to remove the rating and the comment because it does not correspond to the reasons for removing a comment. I send an email to the attention of booking indicating that this situation is absurd and always the same answer. We cannot remove the customer's note and comment when the latter stays in the apartment. I called the partner service 3 times and re-explained my problem each time. The first 2 agents who were to contact me again for a security issue never called me back. As for the 3rd, she tells me that she can't do anything that the client should have been declared a no-show.

I am desperate in the face of this situation where Booking not only does not verify the identity of clients but also supporting evidence (they have threatened me in writing) gives reason to sex workers rather than an irreproachable partner. Is there a remedy? can someone here help me?