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I would like to transfer my account into my partners name. Is this possible or would she need to start as a host without any bookings or reviews?


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Ailyn Fernande… 1 year ago

Hi Carrianne Andrews  

Thank you for your question. You have the following options:

1) If you will be keeping the same legal name, you only need to create a new user for her as an ADMIN access so she can manage the profile freely.

2) If you will need a change of legal name, but you wish to keep access to the account, then please message the Credit Control Team through inbox on Booking Messages with Finance topic and request a Change of legal name or Recontracting. The team team will send you a link so you can fill up the new information.

3) If you will not be managing the property at all, you would need to send a message thru the Booking Messages inbox with topic "Extranet Account" and ask for a Change of Ownership. You would need to add your partner´s email, name and contact information as well as an authorization to send a link that needs to be filled with the new "owner´s information". Be aware that you the profile needs to have all invoices paid and that the property will be closed during this process until it is OKd by the Credit Control Team.

Hope this helps!