The Agoda problem

I only post my guesthouse on Booking, but Agoda and Booking are the same corporation, so I was forced to post my guesthouse on Agoda at the same time. But I can't control the backend of Agoda. When I update photos on Booking, it doesn't sync to Agoda. I also tried YCS many times but it doesn't work. How can I do?

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Fluff (new account) 1 year ago

Welcome to the wonderful world of Agoda :-(

Sorry, I have no help to offer but I agree with your aggravation with them. 

You say you have YCS, the computer version is extremely buggy but photos are currently uploading in small quantities. Agoda also do nasty things with your rates if you have a direct account.

Please also note that they recently raised their commission rates! Our area is now an outrageous 20% basic level.

We are so fed up with them that we have closed all room availability on their platform. That means that they can only sell what we have on Booking.com and at the BDC 15% basic rate of commission.

You are not "forced" to list with Agoda, they are classed as an "Affiliate" to BDC and, therefore, have access to the BDC allotment and rates.