My apartmen not in boking way wath this problem please ay wont to resolve

BrookAve 4 years ago

Hi Nenad,


  1. This is a partner forum primarily; relies are typically from other partners. BDC support advisor are not responding.
  2. Please update your profile with the link to your listing so we can see your property as it can help with questions.


From above I believe you are asking :

I am not getting any bookings on my apartment, what can I do?


According to your profile you are only 8 days old,  a new partner.

I suspect you  are likely missing some setup tasks.


Please link your property so we can see and adivse better,and review these tasks:




Kind Regards


TIP: : Once you have the url link for your property , update your profile with it so other partners can view it for when helping with questions