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Aligning prices across platforms: number of guests included vs. maximum number of guests


most platforms support the notion of a "basis price" which is valid for up to a certain number of guests and then have a supplement for additional persons per night until you reach the maximum number of persons. Now at booking, it's the other way round, they work with the "base price" for the maximum number of persons and then allow to DEDUCT from the price if less guests stay in the apartment. Any advice how to handle this when prices come from a central "channel manager" where I have a single price for all channels?


BrookAve 3 years ago


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Yes a base price in the first Rate Plan is generally how you would without a Channel Manager.

Just not sure in this scenario if this is just a wrong approach or if its just a simple call to BdC Support to tweak a setting.


I would start by trying to phone them and see what they first say, then come back and let us know.



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Peter S. 3 years ago

Thanks a lot for that advice, worked perfectly. The friendly lady explained to me that they are happy to change things and relate tha base price to 4 persons instead of 6 for our apartment. That way everything is perfectly aligned and I can continue to manage my base price centrally. Great phone support from booking!