Hello! good evening!

i have some opinion about amendment or ajustment about your booking, becuase everytime we received some amendment or adjustment of your booking, we can't see the highlight/summary details of the adjustment of your booking, and now i'd like to give you some advice or opinion about this, if you received some adjustment of your booking  try to highlight the details or give the summary of adjustment about the details.

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Bandara Hotels… 5 years ago

Yes this is waht we keep asking them. Thank you to bring this topic up.

LouiseMHS 5 years ago

Hello. When I get notification of an amendment or adjustment of a booking, (by email or Pulse), I open the booking via the extranet and click on the text box above the booking. This has a description of the change very clearly. However if you do not know there is an amendment or adjustment then how do you know to look for it and the looking does take time.

It would be great to have on the home page tabs that link through to full information, such as:

New bookings

New amendment or adjustment

New cancellations

New reviews

Fo Bkk 5 years ago

Hello Sir/Ma'am... Good morning!

Thank you for the information that you gave!

now i know what we need to do to see the details of some amended booking just in case...

really appreciated.