Any tips for small hotels amidst the pandemic?


I hope all of you are well. I know it's been quite stressful dealing with the coronavirus and that the tourism industry has absolutely taken a hit from this. We run a small hotel with 16 rooms. To be honest, I'm a bit embarrassed to say that we are still grasping on how to respond to this as this is completely new to us. For now, we are practicing a skeletal system with our staff and are disinfecting every 30 minutes. 

With regard to our guest, we have decided not to accept new guests for the time being for the safety of both our current guests and staff, as we are worried with the increasing number of cases in our country. However, we are also equally worried in terms of long-term revenue. We don't know until when we can keep up with not accepting new guests as we also have staff we need to pay, etc. 

Any tips on what you've done so far with your properties? They'll be much appreciated!

Keep safe!

BrookAve 3 years ago




First thing I would note , is cleaning every 30 minutes is not necessary and not sustainable.


As your profile is incomplete and not a hint as to where you are etc, please consider :

How & Why Add your Listing to your Partner Community Profile


You should monitor this article and note the travel dates per country for the guest booking.




You can of course contact guests to organise , change of dates, credit for number of nights with expiry date; offer 50% refund after the checkout date etc.


Accepting new guests, new bookings is entirely up to you.


A daily wipe down is more than enough and or after someone checks out.


Simple A4 signs reminder people to wash hands; sneeze into their elbow; maintain 2m safe distances etc.


There are many simple things to do and still provide a service, by leveraging signs, symbols etc.


Even updating photos with text overlay for procedures in place.


Also offering long term stays would reduce the amount of foot traffic, how often cleaning is done etc etc.


Kind Regards, Be Safe , Be Well



Boska konak 3 years ago

Dear all, 

For the first time I am adressing to you in writing and I do not fell quite confident. In the next couple of days I will notify you about my sugestions how to deal with rewiews from guests,  particulary for the owners of small guest house who run several rooms and appartments.

My kind regards to all of you.