Apartment online but not visible in search / not bookable?

Hi there,


i was fighting two days to get my holiday apartment online. Hard work....


Now it is shown as bookable in extranet, i can also view the preview but cannot find it when i search the booking homepage. Other people also cannot find it.


I sometimes can find it by random clicking in the preview in the search results but then the selected time range is shown as "not bookable", but the time range is free and shown as bookable in my extranet calendar.


Whats wrong with my listing?


And, is it usual that booking support is not answering mails for several days?


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Didem - Commun… 1 month ago


Hi @Manuel Moya Ruiz,


Thank you for posting in the Community!


Good question. Have you added your rates and availability? Could you also check which restrictions you set up?


Because if your property has a minimum length of stay of 10 days, nobody searching for stays shorter than 10 days will find you on Booking.com. What’s more, if you receive two 10 day reservations that are less than 10 days apart, the time between your reservations is unbookable given it is shorter than your minimum length of stay. That's why this is an important topic. 


I explained it in this post


Let me know please if it's all working well for your property with appearing in search now!

Manuel Moya Ruiz 1 month ago

As the apartment was available after some days it might be more something like an QA or whatever check from booking.com


Sure, it would be pretty much better to show this as state or hint in the GUI, but, maybe it's more easier to answer several questions and let the customer enjoy a bit frustration :D