Are construction workers allowed to stay in self contained accommodation during COVID lockdown?

We have a one bedroom self contained Annexe which is currently closed as we’re in lockdown.  A neighbour is having an extension done and has asked if their bathroom fitter can stay for four nights as it’s too far for him to go home each night.   We want to help if we can as it is completely separate and they wouldn’t be near anyone.  We only want to say yes if it’s legal as we aren’t up for risking a fine for this.  Does anyone know if construction builders/fitters are part of lock down exemptions? 

I believe they were in the first lockdown last May but can’t find anything about it now. I’ve tried the construction industry council but they haven’t responded.  I’m looking for a signpost to a website with a definitive advice rather than just comments that you think yes or no. 

thank you





BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi James/Catherine.


Yes in my logical opinion we should all be still allowing guests when we can accommodate them in a contained or  self service.


i.e. they can look after them selves for food deliveries etc, and go to work.