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Are Pop-Up Ads so intrusive and creepy for you?

The question of ads personalization and the gradual effects to brand reputation is a sensitive topic that we all as digital marketers bears the responsibility to answer. This is all brought about by the growing complexities in digital marketing landscape.

When we set up specific metrics of online campaign delivery, the only thing that runs in marketer's mind is definitely reaching the maximum number of quality audience and actions as much as possible. In a huge way, this has given birth to intrusive advertising with worthless pop-up diminishing the very reputation, purpose and the value of website landing pages.

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Imagine going to check the last minutes flight deals in a meta-search website, only to be asked to watch a 20 second video that just started auto-playing with the loudest volume in the middle of an executive meeting? Whats a disappointment !

Well, it's might sound like someone is keeping an eye on every step you are taking online. From website to the other, from one device to another! This will definitely give you unnerving experience if at all you're sensitive about your privacy.

Extreme personalization of ads have led to strong feeling of resentment by most audience and majority of ads being regarded as intrusive and annoying.To digital marketers, this must be one of the major explanation to increased bounce rates in most landing pages and indeed making it a challenge for many to meet their ROIs.


On the other side, there is a risk of losing the very audience we are targeting.However, With the help of Network Advertising Initiative and Digital Advertising Alliance, self-regulated associations that provide responsible data collection guidelines for advertisers and opt-out technologies for consumers, it is likely that some people will tend to opt out or block third-party trackers. 

To conclude, it's important for digital marketers to be conscious of their brand's reputation and more so streamlining objectives to understand the key consumer interests, and their own goals whenever executing an online campaign.


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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Hi! James, nice to have you in the Partner Community and thanks for posting. are our our our cell our computers....

Yes, Pop-up ads are very intrusive and annoying... try to avoid them every time....

Wish you all the best and keep on posting...