Avoiding low rater guests


I simply want to avoid hosting low raters.

Sometimes we receive bookings from people who have a history of giving low rates, like in the example below. Is there any way to avoid receiving bookings from such people?

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Zoo 10 months ago

This link to the partne booking "improving your performance ..." doesn´t really help. Booking should support and protect partners more of guests who like to rate bad. Also change the rating method. This "overall score" doesnt make sense. Guest can rate subcategories with 10 and give an overall score with 1 which have an effect on the rating. The subcategories dont have an effect. Not logical.

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Rogers Cuevas 1 year ago

There are several ways to avoid hosting people with low Booking ratings:

Set a flexible cancellation policy: This will allow you to cancel reservations with low-rated guests without penalty.

Check guest reviews and comments before accepting a booking: Take a look at the reviews and comments of previous guests on their Booking profile before accepting a booking.

Use filter tools: Booking offers advanced filter tools that allow you to select only guests with a minimum rating.

Use property policies: Define your property policies in your Booking, including the minimum age required, the maximum number of people allowed, etc.

Consider the option of a deposit or guarantee: Ask guests for a deposit or guarantee before arrival to cover any possible damage to the property.

I hope these tips help you avoid hosting people with low Booking ratings. 


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Zoo 10 months ago

Could you please provide a link where your solutions are explained on booking.com? I think also there are no ways to cancel reservations or check guest reviews before accepting bookings on booking.com. Maybe you are mixing Airbnb with booking.com