Risk Free Cancellations

I am still opted into risk free and had a couple of risk free cancellations that were paid by booking.com and also one that they did not pay out as the price changed (by them when I queried why the price was cheaper on line. It turned out to be a risk free booking that had cancelled for those dates and booking.com did not fully communicate the rules on the extranet or to their staff until after the risk free cancellations went live - I had 3 different areas call me in one afternoon). 

Since then many of the rules have changed, or got more strict, so I just want to ask about these points before I opt out.

If I have a risk free booking that cancels and the space is not booked would I qualify for a payout if I have the following restrictions: -

- if I have a restriction of minimum advance period of 3 days

- If I have a minimum stay of 2 or more nights

I have also just realised that if you have a flexible cancellation policy of say 30 days, and a booking cancels outside of that 30 days, it does not qualify for payout, even though it shows to the guest as a risk free cancellation and on the booking on the extranet.  Not that this makes much difference because a majority of my bookings made that far in advance do not cancel.

I look forward to your replies before I put the questions to booking.com and probably opt out as if I have the restrictions I need to manage my property I will never qualify for a payout on risk free.



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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

I got paid for risk free reservation although I had min. stay set to 2 nights.

Best wishes.

Siandav Lill 3 years ago

Thank you. I think I have checked that too and still unsure about the minimum advance period and whether that means I am blocking availability so that the risk free cancellation does not apply.