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Bait and Switch technique

I recently had a guest that  booked a cheaper  room for two guests.  Then we get a message that they are three  , two guests  and their child.   This  bait and switch technique is annoying for booking and not fair to us

All to save $20 on the daily rate, No conciousness of the extra towels, sheets, breakfast etc 


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fluff 5 years ago

This is an area that is very easy to control as long as your room policies are clear.

Assuming that their "switched" requirement is possible you simply charge the difference before allowing them entry to the room.

As much as we need to be all-helpful beings to our guests, there is nothing wrong with being firm either, when faced with the skin-flint attitude is one of those times.

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Glenn Mcknight 5 years ago

I agree we have reached out via the booking portal to make sure ahead of time that the room they requested doesn't accomodate three people Its interesting we were called a few weeks ago via them finding us via Google Maps. The booking link wasn't evident and our address and phone number was available. I clearly stated that three people requires the booking of the large room. Subsequent communication on this is ignore. Same people asking for an early checked and a 3 pm checkout . Vast majority are very cooperative. We will see what they are in person.

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Valampuriresort 5 years ago

i also have this issue, our chalet can be booked for one person or for two, they book for one person and turn up two,