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Become an Experiences Supplier

Hi Booking team! 

I have already been to the customer's support. For asking the question I need a booking number, that I haven't got. So, I hope you will help me. 

I want to ask you 3 questions about Experiences. 1. What does the adding tours on a listing process like? Is it the same as adding hotels? 2. What is the commission for the new suppliers? 3. How to become an Experiences supplier?

Also, I've heard that since December doesn't add new partners in Experiences. Is it true?


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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Dear Ulyana,

As far as I know BDC does not have Experiences.   Only if you have a listing you can offer experiences.

Maybe some other partner can help you more in this matter.

Wish you luck.

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Putu Sudiana 1 year ago

Dear  Ulyana

my name us putu sudiana from Bali , I have been to be customer  supports experience , but  I need your help how to start put my experience in . I really want put my experience in booking , can you help me how to get started ?