Being asked for a VAT number when we don't have one ?

We have received an email containing the following:

We’re writing to you because we don’t have your VAT number on file. In order to remain compliant with new data reporting requirements, we need you to provide us with this information as soon as possible.

We have an accountant and tax numbers for our Greek property and have to notify our accountant at the end of every booking. 

We are not operating as a company but as private owners. We therefore do not have a VAT number.

Why is there no option on the Finance page to select "Not applicable" ?



Casino de Matthaeis 2 years ago

It's the same for me, in vat i find only two options yes and yes but not valid in eu, i do not have a vat Number, I'm not professional.

stefano martini 2 years ago

I rent in Italy: same request by Booking and same situation: WE DO NOT HAVE A VAT NUMBER AND ARE NOT REQUIRED TO HAVE OE ACCORDING TO OUR LAW!!!

Peter Clark 2 years ago

I see there are lots of other threads on this subject. Shame there isn’t anyone at BDC to speak to. It’s almost as if BDC don’t understand how VAT works since it’s only relevant to companies and not private hosts.

Having said that, I noticed that where I entered my registration number I left the category as default rather than selecting “Registration number” … I’m wondering if this might have confused the system ?

Katrin Ustav 1 year ago

Did You get some help or did You find solution Yourself?

I have the same problem, in Estonia private person don´t have VAT nr. 

It´s ridiculous when there is only "Yes" or "Yes" option :D