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Beware of Rate Intelligence data

I have been experiencing data errors (incorrect information) on Rate Intelligence. The module had my own rates missing in many date areas.

I was put in contact with the dept. that handles RI 

namely if anyone else needs it.

The errors I had found were corrected but on looking closer I found some of my rates to be very wrong on RI, disagreeing with my calendar.

Out of curiosity I went to visit one of my competitive set to compare notes. He was rather upset to see what RI claimed his rates were on my extranet compared to his!

I have just put this info into the team and await a reply.

For now I would recommend not necessarily believing what you see there in RI, it could well be inaccurate. 

Go through your own rates and be sure they match your calendar, if you are on friendly terms with a competitor, compare there too.

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Leandri Klopper 5 years ago

Hey fluff,

Super massive thanks! I was wondering if I'm understanding the tool wrong and I got a bit frustrated because I only got RI about a week ago. Thought I was missing something!

Very good to know that there are some glitches, I did send them my feedback. Any dates that have a blocked arrival or departure just doesn't show my rates on RI, but I think it should because it's still a Stay date.

Thanks for letting us know!

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Mr Spence 4 years ago

Great post and well spotted, the RI is so flawed it only compares to other OTA's Flawed RI Data such as Expedia

I sat down for 3hrs jiggling with it to see if I could control the prices it was telling me were an average of my Comparative Set, but no matter what I dId in selecting my Comparative Set, it just did it's own thing and gave me a bunch of Waffle.or should I say lies!

Secondly if you check events for your Area, it is quite useless and listing them, another Major Let Down.

I Find that Hard work is the answer, but it gets the job done, so manually search the rates of your own comparative sites for a Saturday Night and adjust rates to suit, then fix a Sun - Friday rate from your head, finally check online for anything happening in your area that can put up rates for say a Wed or a Fri. Lastly be prepared to drop your rates if over the forward 3 - 4wks bookings are low.

Red Flags for me are when I get a FUTURE Booking, ask yourself "have they booked because of a function/event in the area" and adjust prices to suit. I have rented many a forward date for no money only to find the true value is 3 times that.


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