Blackmail/ prostitution/ guest/ bad score

Hello community, 

We got a 1/10 from a guest who wanted to get in with a prostitute. Guest clearly blackmailed the manager. 
As per Colombian law and thanks to the integrity of our staff, we have strictly prohibited such illegal business.  We are confident that Booking.com does share these values of law compliance too.

However so far we haven't received any support from Booking.com. 

Could you please advise on how to proceed to avoid to be penalized / blackmailed again?

Thanks beforehand for your support, 


Tatiana Gesson 1 year ago


Dear reportingmasaya, we had the same situation today! Guest have smoked and damaged the room, we called the support of Booking com and asked to please not allow the guest to make a review, because he even confirmed his misbehavour and made a scandal on the reception. Then he left 1/10. And the only answer we had from Booking - is that they will not allow this guest to stay again in our place. Even they will not inform other hotels about situation happend, not delete the review or anything. It should be stopped any day because we as Partners also have rights (or at least should have), and for the moment guest can do whatever, and after that leave a bad review

Isle of Wight … 1 year ago

Booking.com do not care about hosts/partners. They will allow bad reviews from guests. They will allow attempted blackmail. They don't care if guests break the law and post a bad review.


Take a deep breath, carry on with your business. Give a good service in a good property and the one bad review will soon be buried - people will see that the problem is not you, it's the person that left the bad review.


Some other booking channels DO care about hosts/partners - maybe not as much as they should, but much more than Booking.com. One day, they will overtake Booking.com as the biggest booking channel. There is hope for the future ......