Block dates - make booking possible only from saturday to saturday


how to make booking possible only from Saturday to Saturday?




BrookAve 4 years ago


Hi Goran,




  • What you need to consider is both your target audience and what days you want to be open.
  • I can understand wanting to have 1 day a week between Guests, but you really need to think it through.
  • Even try write down , sketch out what it is you are trying to do , i.e. normalisation technique , its called.
  • Maybe in your region or country Stays beginning on a Saturday work and are practically, but herein Ireland /UK, it reall is unrealistic.


So looking at your Rate plans and also the Calendar in List view...


  • Setting a Minium Number of Nights If Plan A,B ,C is picked for the same date.
    • Example:
      • On Saturdays
      • Plan A - Non Refundable , with min 2 nights
      • Plan B - Non refundable - 5 Night stay min
      • Plan C - .etc

Consider lets say you only have one Rate Plan and it has 6 night stay, Sat - Fri.

You then Set Every Friday to be an inventory of 0.

This means The room cannot be booked for the Friday night, creating a day off, and then Saturday is the next availabile day with inventory of 1 or more.


There might be a way to set max number of nights too, I just cant think of it at the moment.

Either way you will likely make youre listing unavailabile and receive less bookings as a result of trying to do this.

Kind Regards


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