Block Rooms when House is booked

I rent out my private home guests can either book the whole house or separate rooms. To avoid double bookings of house & rooms at the same time, I was trying to sync the calendars of the rooms with the calendar of the house  (a functionality available in Airbnb or Expedia). But there is nothing.

On the booking.com hotline I was told that is not a feature booking.com provides, I shall use a channel manager software.

I would like to avoid another software and hope somebody possibly has found work around in Booking Com?

BrookAve 3 years ago

Hi Lyttelton Boutique House

I have similar but the reality is if you attempt to use more than one OTA and do not have a Channel Manager and setup correctly it will be a nightmare and risks overbooking.


Even if only one OTA but list separate rooms as distinct rooms or  one room tpye with count of 2 or more, wont let you auto block the spare unused room.


If you want that then you have to manage the calendar in the single OTA or Channel Manager to manually blobk the other room asap.


Unfortunately we humans need sleep, so during that time a second guest in a different timezone can and will do so.


You would need some form of automation to monitor bookings ,so if new booking for a date range and not all rooms booked, it has a rule:


If 1 of 3 , 2 of 3 are booked then Set Room 3 Status to Closed (or inventory of 0).



Kind Regards


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Michael McCarthy 1 year ago

Found your post as looking for the same thing - there doesn't seem to be anything available.