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Blocking booking host ***

I need Booking.com ASAP to block my apartment. Reason. I have just to day make a new registration at Booking.com of my apartment. For years My provider has been Airbnb withput any problem (I’m Super Host). To day at my registration at Booking.com my registration unfortunately was in Danisk Kroner and not Euros. Stop and refund all bookings from 5hose people who thought it is possible to rent an 165 qm apartment for up to 8 persons direct at the Town Hall Copenhagen for less thn €50 per nigth. -lease cancel my whole registration amd afterwards I’ll try again in a couple of days to make a new registration for a future cooperation. But please ASAP I don’t like to disappoint further naive guests

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Claus


You can block / close availability  yourself in Extranet using calendar or bulk edit / close rooms feature.


You go on to say please cancel listing and will re-register later.


The best overall solution is to not terminate the partnership. why?


  1. you mentioned you have bookings, the cost of relocation.
  2. contact those bookings , say no availability due to X, Y. and you must cancel.


If you still want to - End MY Partnership, then Search for those words to find the guide.


Instead I would get BdC support to fix the currency option.

Then fix the pricing, once done contact the guest directly, to advise of incorrect pricing.

Give them option to pay the difference prepaid or on arrival.

If they refuse to pay difference you can simply cancel the bookings.



Reminder : You are on Partner community, BdC support will never see this nor will anyone do anything requested above, only you can do it.


Kind Regards