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Hello Everyone,

i am here to write about an issue we are face sometimes, 

sometimes, someone booked a room with a name (ABC) but the guest who would stay in your property is (XYZ) so when they call us or visit us regarding their booking, mostly they ask us about the booking with the name of (XYZ) which is guest name and we don't find any booking with that name, its a confusion, so i would say, we must need to confirm that the guest name and the booker name, both will be updated.

with this, we won't miss our bookings.

Hope you all will are agreed with this


BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Sam, 


This is fairly common, they should always use and add the actual guest name and they have the option to do so, but many are just lazy and dont make the effort.


sometimes it is a business making a booking for their workers, but still no excuse.


Simply open the reservation details page and send the ma message requesting the correct info.


THe reservation reference is unique regardless and so they should use that ,as should you.


Kind Regards, 

Merry Xmas