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How do I increased my bookings, I started hosting 7 months ago and have not been able to get much bookings.

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Don Burns 4 years ago

I started my rental guestrooms through Airbnb in June 2018.  But, my bookings started to slow after a few months.


Later, I also registered my guestrooms with Booking,com, Expedia, FlipKey and TripAdvisor.


It helped us gain more guests through other reservation websites, instead of only using one.

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Sharonpowney 4 years ago

When you first set up you don't have many reviews so you won't have a review score, so guests are a bit unsure of what they are getting.  So put your prices down a bit, just below competitors while you build up business and get some good reviews.  I agree with Don above to list on multiple platforms, but booking.com is still my biggest customer.